Turn around

Turn around

A company can signicantly improve ist performance through reorganization, even if it is presently in a profit situation. Loss-making situations however, depending on their seriousness can threat the survival of the Business and can only be overcome by means of a target-oriented restructuring process.

Restrukturierung EN


Evaluation of the situation

  • Assesment of the earnings situation
  • Identification of a possible crisis along with the current stage of development
  • Selection of an appropriate analysis

Financial Quick-Check

  • Review of the figures for accurancy and the correctness of the planning premisis
  • Preparation of a liquidity plan
  • Drafting a planning for financial requirements

Compact Analysis

  • An internal and external analysis of your company
  • Measures developed to improve earnings and liquidity in the short and mid-term
  • Drafting of business and financial planning models
  • Conceptual design for the strategy orientation of the company
  • Assesment of the need and ability of the business for undergoing a reorganization process

Reorganization Survey according to IDW S6

  • Preparation of specific plans based on the results of the "compact analysis"
  • Short notice drafting of a dedicated project plan
  • Introduction of immediate solutions to be taken for avoiding debt overload and / or illequidity
  • Planning for profit, liquidity, and balance sheets
  • Continous  comparison between target and actual performance of the project plan
  • Assessment of the company's ability to continue and the future development possibilities
  • Funcional consulting and -if necessary- taking over an Iiterim mandate

Additional Value offered by our Consultancy

After the analysis is before the implementation

After the analysis is before the implementation

We don't let you act in the rain after the analysis has been completed. Our experienced consultants remain active at your side even after the conceptual preposition measures have been completed. Whether during the implementation of the measures that have been designed or through the provision of an interims manager, we do our best to support you in securing the success of your company.