Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

The acquisition or sale of a Company, or parts of a Company is always tied to high risk Management decisions. We offer a holisitc Approach of Consulting that provides the highest Level of transparency throuout all phases of the acquisition.

Our services

M&A-Process during expansion

  • Assesment of the saleability
  • Definition and implementation of necessary measures in order to create the saleability
  • Comnpany value appraisal via internationally recognized methodology
  • Drafting of an appropriate sales strategy
  • Drawing up the sales documents, especially an information memorandum
  • Identification and approaching potential investors
  • Preparation and support of the due dillignece process, including the organization of the data room
  • Support during the sales nagotiation until the transaction has been conducted
  • Assitence within the scope of the transition and integration process
  • Precise project planning, efficient Project Management and support of the entire documentation of the acquisition or sales process

 M&A-process during exeptional situations

  • Design of an M&A-process into the phases of an advanced company crisis, also called "fire sale"
  • Sale of a company out of insolvency by way of transferred restructuring through asset deals
  • Reorganization through a change in shareholders during an insolvency plan proceeding (share deal, debt-to-equity swap)